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PaperShoot was founded by George Lin in 2013 with a mission to create a sustainable digital camera accessible to everyone.


George was born in Taiwan and is the youngest of 6 siblings. Never having the chance to buy a camera, he regrets not having memories of his childhood and his family.

So, wanting to be an agent of change, George created PaperShoot, a digital eco-camera with an original look accessible to everyone.

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PaperShoot is now an internationally renowned brand with customers spread across the 4 corners of the world. After numerous requests for PaperShoot to finally come to Portugal, we arrived in 2021 to accept the challenge.

PaperShoot brings unique advantages to the Portuguese market, including sophisticated design, sustainability and ease of use. We are committed to expanding the brand's presence in Portugal, creating a unique experience for our customers.

The Portuguese team is dedicated to creating a creative and innovative community in Portugal. It is with great pride that I, Sofia, represent the brand in the country where we have our operations and distribution centre.




PaperShoot is dedicated to protecting the planet, distributing sustainable products , and to setting an example for the photographic industry that has long needed change. The stone paper and simplicity of the camera replace materials such as polycarbonate, better known as the chemical made from petroleum, and bleach that causes significant damage to the environment.

We do our best to produce responsibly, using sustainable and recycled materials. In this way, we hope to inspire people to live in the moment, returning to a simplicity that allows us to better connect with each other.

This connection principle is present in the very design of the camera, which only allows us to see the pictures we take when we connect the camera to the computer, making each image unique. In this way, we can quickly come back to reality and enjoy the moment since what is in front of the camera is worth more than any piece of technology.

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Stone paper is a type of paper that is made from 80% calcium carbonate (limestone) and 20% bio-polyethylene resin (HDPE). In this case, HDPE is used as a binder. In this way, limestone is used as a raw material and transformed into fine powder.



Due to its composition, stone paper is water resistant and washable.



Products are disposed of and recycled. Thus, the stone paper is transformed back into calcium carbonate and  it becomes limestone again.


Comparison between the Production of a Ton of Stone Paper and the Recovery of Pulp:

20 Árvores Salvas

16 Milhões de BTU's poupados

900 Kg de emissões de CO2 evitadas

150 Kg de lixo sólido evitado

60 litros de água poupados

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